Associazione Internazionale Radioamatori di Croce Rossa
International Red Cross Amateurs Radio Society
DMR id 222 7935

This’s a special callsign, managed by Red Cross International Amateur Radio society.

In memory of Solferino Battle, happened on 24th June 1859. The battle led the Swiss Henry Dunant to write his book, “A Memory of Solferino“. Although he did not witness the battle he toured the field following the battle and was greatly moved by what he saw. Horrified by the suffering of wounded soldiers left on the battlefield, Dunant set about a process that led to the Geneva Conventions and the establishment of the International Red Cross.

This callsign is operated from 21st to 27th June 2021 from many different call areas of Italy (I1/II0RC – I2/II0RC, I3/II0RC, IN3/II0RC, IV3/II0RC, I4/II0RC, I8/II0RC).

Operators are all volonteer members of italian red cross.


From 19th to 22nd June the spirit of Red Cross and Red Crescent and all people who join it is celebrated. The celebration goes through the traditional torchlight procession from Castello square in Solferino to Pastore Park in Castiglione delle Stiviere. READ MORE


The International Association of Radio Amateurs of the Red Cross was born in mid-2019, subsequently, due to the events related to the spread of the SARs-cov2 Virus, it did not intend to undertake activities that would have been difficult to manage and unlikely result seeing us all involved in their own and others’ protection. .

Having started and now taken the road that will bring us back to a condition of normal life, the Association therefore began its activities and wanted to manifest it with the recurrence of the battle of Solferino from where the idea of ​​the Red Cross was born by Henry Dunant, Red Cross who sees us as a common meeting point both for the ideals it represents and for the fact of being radio amateurs dedicating ourselves to telecommunications in the radio and voluntary sector and many of us also in the professional field.

The common point of the radio therefore sees us united in this adventure that aims to bring together all the Red Cross volunteers who exercise in the world of radio those experiences gained in the various telecommunications sectors to share them and put them together in case of emergency. We therefore have the desire to specifically develop a network dedicated to emergency telecommunications, activities in which we consider ourselves prepared precisely due to the fact that all of us develop and improve our knowledge and skills based on our origins and our knowledge that support us. .

The path we have before us is certainly not easy but we are all very motivated and we have ideas that we are developing for a shared and harmonized widespread context. Therefore we first established that training is the first of the basic activities to have in your structure and for this purpose we have launched and made available an e-learning platform, also used in many universities around the world and appointed the rector of the academy.


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