June 22, 2024 will be the day on which the Battle of Solferino and San Martino will be remembered, which occurred on June 24, 1859 and which saw the Franco-Piedmontese armies pitted against the Austro-Hungarian one.

This battle gave inspiration to the Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Henry Dunant to write his book “A memory of Solferino”. Although Dunant was not an eyewitness to the combat, he visited the battlefield after the conflict and was greatly moved and disturbed by what he saw. Horrified by the suffering of the wounded soldiers left on the field, Dunant initiated a process that led to the Geneva Conventions and the establishment of the International Red Cross.

With the traditional torchlight procession, from Piazza Castello in Solferino up to the Parco Pastore of Castiglione delle Stiviere, the spirit of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and of all the women and men who are part of it will be celebrated.

An event that also involves the International Red Cross Radio Amateur Association (, which will activate the station with the special callsign II2RC, from 20 to 23 June, inside the Solferino Camp, thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Red Cross , organizer of the event.
The operators are all voluntary members of the Association.
Anyone wishing to be a station operator must apply via the contact form on the ARCRI.ORG website

This’s all possible thanks to collaboration of these three main sponsors :

  • BPG Radiocomunicazioni: for ham radio rigs, through Advantec, which is one of main principal distributors of value added solutions for wireless communications. Which are intended from professional, military operators, public safe operators, to public and private transportation companies, industrial plants and WiSP providers. Advantec is synonymous of competence, flexibility and dedicated resources for resellers, system integrators and Providers. In addition to an exceptional products availability divided in three main business units: Radio Mobile Professionale PMR (landed, marine, aeronautical and ham radio), Wireless Broadband and Networking; Security and Energy.
  • Grazioli Antenne: for antenna supply; company born with the aim to offer to all radio enthusiasts a new product with excellent performance. And a high price/quality ratio due to direct sales. The company designs and builds its products 100% in Italy, using the best materials, the best technologies and with qualified component suppliers.
  • Metatron: with pricing of cards and merchandising. A dynamical company available from more then 20 years in screen printing and pad printing. And in development of related technologies, such as silicone keyboards and home automation.

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